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Amour Dustess
Current Residence: Some Dark Pitt in the middle of fuckin' Nowhere
Favourite genre of music: Sexy Music. [YES. Yes,it IS a Genre <3]
Favourite style of art: Japanese animation and/or Macabre
Operating System: IBYP!??
MP3 player of choice: Apple Ipod.
Shell of choice: Ppfff~!!! COAL Cosplay Outfit!!?? I Think YES!
Wallpaper of choice: Madland Rainbow Sky.
Skin of choice: Rotten.
Favourite cartoon character: Freaky Fred from Courage the Cowardley Dog
Personal Quote: "CarnageSugarDiabetesincipitus~!!!!"
1) Randomly select 10 characters.
2) Fill out the questions.
3) After it's completed, you can do whatever you want with this quiz.

1) Lawlayette
2) Amoure
3) Serge Gothica
4) Kanji
5) Mimi
6) Anush
7) Aj
8) Owen
9) Monica
10) Allister

1) Your original story is going to be made into a live action movie. Which celebrities would you pick to play characters 7 and 4?
Okay, Wait, I have to THINK! Uuuuh-- Hold On, Hold On! Uhhhm.
7 Is Aj, Sooo... Idk, The First Person who Comes to Mind Is Chad Micheal Murray, Only because he Did SUCH an Adorable Job as Lucas, from One Tree hill. He seems like he would make a Good Aj. And for Kanji? Shit, Uuuuh. Uuuh, Idk, Hayden Christiansen. We'd have to make him HELLA Short though, haha! <3 <3 <3
But i Think they could Pull it off......OHGAWD... Now i'm Imagining Chad and Hayden--...OHGAWD!!! I'm SO GOOD AT THIS!

2) Numbers 2 and 8 were on their way home when their cars broke down. Now they have to stay at a hotel for the night. But . . . OH, NO! There's only one room available and it only has ONE BED. What happens?
Owen: *Looks from the Bed to Amoure* ....Heyyyy
Amoure: Don't Bet on it, Meat sack..

(In an alternate universe. All of your characters are defense attorneys and prosecutors.)

3) Who is the newbie defense attorney? (You know, the good guy who has a clean start . . . all eager ready to defend on his first trial.)
HaHAAA, Aj Deffinitly. That's Got Aj written All over it.

4) Who is the newbie's boss and what does he tell the newbie before his first trial?
Serge: *Straightens his Tie.* I'll handle this. You've No experience in these Matters.
Aj: *Bitches down.* Okay, boss, good deed...

5) Who is the prosecutor and what does he think of the newbie? (Prosecutor is the newbie's rival. "Bad Guy" ? )
Lawlayette: *Bursts into Laughter when he Spots Aj.* BAHAHAHA!!! *Catches a Glimpse of Serge Entering the Court office, all Dressed in that Sexy suit, with The Breifcase, the Whole shabang.* ---Ohshit...

6) 5 and 6 wake up to find themselves naked in bed at a love hotel. What probably happened to cause this?
Mimi: *Looks at Anush with a worried expression.* Kanji's Car E'sloded, whi'wle he was on da way to da hotewl.. He's can't move his wegs and de only way i can Save him is to Lay in the Bed Next to you, whi'wle we are bophe Naked....

Anush: WORKS FOR ME!!!

(That Is The ONLY Way this Would Happen EVER In a MILLION GAGILLION YEARS. EVER. Unless Allister Snuck in while they were sleeping and Stole their clothes, MAGICALLY Without waking them Up, so he could carry them Back to his Hole in the Ground and Sniff them, Like a SICK Fuck, because theyre "Beautiful People" ....The ONLY Ligical explaination, Period.)

7) If 10 was the love child of two of the other characters on the list, who would be the parents? (Could be because of personality or looks.)
Allester... Hmm.... Serge and Amoure. Only Because Allister is too Fuckin Sick to Be spawned By ANYBODY ELSE.

Allister: *Fuckin' CREEP Status Smile, staring at Amoure and Serge.* ..Hello, Mum n' Daaaaddd....
Amoure: ..*Blinks* ...*Looks at Serge.* ..This is YOUR Fault.
Serge:  Don't Patronize Me...

8) 9, 3, and 1 are now a happy family. Who's the mom, who's the dad, and who's the kid?
Monica: *Pointing at Serge with her Hand on her Hip.* Serge, YOUR Son is Out of Control! He's Shooting People and He Drinks Like a Fish and he Won't Stay out of Prison, and He Keeps Hitting on Me!!!! DO SOMETHING!
Serge: *Roles his Eyes.* i hate my life...
Lawlayette: *Seated in Serge's Chair with one Leg crossed over the Other, Holding an Empty Vodka bottle in his hand, shaking it back and forth.*  Yo, DAD! Get me a Refill, Baybeh, I a'int Got all Day.
Serge: *Bangs his Head against the wall.*

9) How do the mom and dad from the previous question feel about each other?
Monica:  I Mean, Yea. I'm a Cybornetic Prostitute, But that does'nt Mean that i want to Live the life of a Whore. I have Feelings too, despite what other People think, and I Try to make friends, But Just *sobs* Nobody Likes me... I don't know if it's Because of what i Am, or What? I Mean, everyone LOVES Amoure, what's the Big Deal? Why is she so special? I'm A Million times Nicer than Her, and Akira Loves her, Lawlayette Loves her, I don't Get it! Sometimes i Just want someone to Just Hold me, and tell me everything's Ganna be okay, Y'know, Serge? I Mean, It's Like i'm plague infected or something, where did i go wrong???

Serge: *Seated in his Chair, rubbing his temples, his Eyelids flickering in exhausted Apathy.*

10) Pick the most tsundere of your characters and pair them up with the biggest jerk in your group. What do you get?|
Amoure: I HATE You.
Lawlayette: I Hate You Back, Bitch....... Wanna Have Sex?
Amoure: *Shrugs* Sure, why not.

11) Your original story has been made into an anime 8DDDD What songs would you pick for the opening and end credits? (Feel free to explain or elaborate.)
Opening Theme: "Imaginary" By Evanescence.
Ending Theme: Either "So Far away" by Staind, Or "Le Bien Qui Fait Mal" By Mozart L'Opera Rock!!! Ofcourse, i cant Just choose One of Each, since there will be ATLEAST 6 seasons of that Shit, But OHGAWD YES!!!

12) 2 accidentally takes aphrodisiacs (horny pills!) and is after 5. What does 5 do?
Amoure: *Arched Brow with a Dark Lawlayette Grin.* ...Y'know Sis.... You Actually Have Really Nice tits....
Mimi: *Freaked out, paranoid expression.* .........Kaaaaaanjiiiiiiiiiii???!

13) Crack pairing time! Out of--
2x4: Amoure and Kanji
3x9: Serge and Monica
10x7: Allister and Aj
8x5: Owen and Mimi
6x1 Lawlayette and Anush

--which one is your Favoirte
I Can Only Pick ONE!!??? Oh Gawd, you Suck. Well, I've ALWAYS Wanted Amoure and Kanji to Get a little Sction, I think they would make a Sexy Submissive/ dominant couple. Amoure Piling on his insecurities, Being Evil as Ever, and Them Having Sex would Be Just CLASSIC. And Allister and Aj would Be SO FUNNY!!!!!! But Lawlayette and Anush!!!! Gawd, idk. I'll go with my Gut and Say AmourexKanji.

14) 5 suddenly gender-bends and is naked! What does 10 think about that?
Mimi: *Slightly Deeper voice, but Still a Toatl Uke.* Uuuhhmm.. A'wister? *Holding His Now Flat chest.* I fink d'eirs som'fing wong wiff my boobies... deye shwunk and... i feel some'fing weird between my wegs..... i don' like it... Wha'do i do??
Allister: *Stares...... a Sick Creep status Smile Sloooowly curls through his Lips.* ...
Mimi: ..........kanji?

15) 8 and 3 got into a huge argument and they've been dating. Who gets kicked out to the couch and who gets the bed? How do they feel about this arrangement?
Owen: Look, Dewd. I know you're the- *does quotes with his fingers*  -Gaaawwd of the Mansion, and All. But This whole "eating Hearts thing has Gatta Stop. It Gives me chills and It's Just plain Gross, Okay?
Serge: *Stares blankly.* ......

--Twenty minuets Later--

Owen: *Sleeping on the Couch, with No Blanket or Pillow.* ......... *He reaches in his pocket and pulls out his Phone, dials Serge Number and Places it against his ear.*
-Serge answers-
Owen: ...You're Not ganna Cut the Sex thing off again, right.......?

16) 1's partner (or the one closest to him) is now forced to be close to 7. How do they feel about this?
Aj: *Seated in the Corner of the room, hugging his legs to his Chest.* ...Just don't Shoot Me.
Lawlayette: *Looks away from him with a smile, before he chugs from his Vodka bottle.* MMHmm.

17) Pair the oldest and youngest characters together . . . what do you get?
Mimi: *Throws her arms in the Air.* HI DADDY!!!! We'wre ganna have's so much Fuuuuunnnn! We can pway dwess up, and i'll do you'we wipstick and we can go to da Carnival, and I'll give you my pink umbwella so you don't catch on Fire! And It wiwll be So Fuuuuunnn!
Serge: *Rolling his Eyes dramatically, his eyelids flickering.* Uuughh....
Mimi: Ohwait-- *presses her finger to her lip with a slightly confused expression.*  Since we'res togever, do we 'play' like Me and Kanji did? Cuz yo' my daddy, so i don' know if dat's right... you played with Amoure, so... Do we Play like dat too?
Serge: *Stares at Her with WIDE, Disturbed "wtf" Eyes." .....God, Help Me......

18) 3's friend teasingly labels 2 as 3's boyfriend. How does 3 respond to this?
Serge: Lies. I would Not Share an Intimate Relationship with that Woman if My Life depended apon it.
Amoure: *Arms crossed over her chest.* Naw, You'll Just Have Guilt Free, Monsterous Sex with me and Call it a Day, Right? Clown.
Lawlayette: BAHAHAHAHAH~!!!!! <3

19) What is 1's animal familiar and element? (Make up one if you don't have one.)
If you mean An Animal That Lawlayette most resembles, Personality wise, I'd Say either a Lion, a Wolf or a Dragon. Element would Deffinatlye Be Fire, Hands Down.

20) Pick your most stoic/emotionless/asexual character . . . Got it? He/She is actually blushing! Why?
Serge Holds Amoure's Hands, at the wrists, so her Amrs are tightly wrapped Around Lawlayette's Neck Behind Her. Lawlayette has Her Naked frozen back pressed tightly against His Hot sweating Chest, His Arms wrapped tightly around her Body, just bellow her Breasts, preventing her escape. Serge, Kneeling Before her, Looking her cold in the Eyes. He Opens his Dark Mouth and extends his tongue Blood soaked, and Glides agai its flesh against the Soft wet skin of her Neck, before he Leans closer to Her and Speaks into her Ear, in a Voice smothered in Lust and Sex.
"You will Long for An Agony as Sweet as Death, Once i Have had my Fill of You... You will Know My Treturous Love... And as i Bleed my Monsterous Essance within you're Shattered Core.. You will Know Peace...
Lawlayette Leans forward, taking Serge's place beside her Ear, and Speaks in a Darkness so Lucious and cold.
"And Once he's done... I'm ganna Pick up the Peices of your Broken soul... and Do it all Over again..."

Amoure: .........HM~! You win, I'd Probably Blush to that.
Me: Who WOULD'NT Blush to That!!????

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